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Coffee Beans


Truly Great Coffee Beans

​EOE Indonesia  focused on producing and selling Indonesia’s best coffee beans.


To become a well-known and quality Indonesia commodities producer and exporter by always providing the best products and services as well as establishing a good relationship with every customers, co-workers and business partners.


To give best selections of agriculture commodities for Indonesia’s community and for the world from across the Archipelago with quality as the main priority.



delivered straight from the farms

Our products comes from the farms directly, hence the delicacy, quality and freshness of the product are guaranteed.


Our goal is to introduce & provide the quality and uniqueness of our products to the world.

We are always working with the government departments and associations to meet the best and required standards for our products. We have been granted a license to export and sell our products to other countries.


special flavour

We would like to introduce and bring the best quality and 100% pure of Indonesia commercial and specialty coffee to the world.

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